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Happy Eid-el-Kabir


Our warmest wishes to you on this solemn festival of Eid. May the blessing of Allah fill your life with peace, joy and good health.

This holiday season is a perfect time to celebrate with family and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. Remember that with STRONGMINDCAPITALINVESTMENTPLATFORM, you can be trading and also be earning, withdrawal funds anytime (once your trade is complete)& pay bills for yourself and loved ones whilst still earning cash back bonuses.

Barka Da Sallah!

Best Regards,

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HE BAGGED our sins

They couldn't HODL Him down, Happy Easter.

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Russia To Legalize Bitcoin; Regulatory Draft Arriving by Feb. 18 - Strongmindcapital

Authorities are now preparing a draft law, expected by February 18, which will define crypto as an “analogue of currencies” rather than as DFA. The report further stated that it will only be possible to use crypto “in the legal sector” with full identification, through the banking system or via licensed intermediaries.

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Strongmindcapital Union- Teach Cryptocurrency
2021-11-22 10:19:36 UTC

Do you have a good understanding of cryptocurrency development? Can you explain cryptocurrency concepts in detail such as NFTs, ETFs, contract Futures, and more? Make a creative and educational Youtube video about the cryptocurrency industry such as; “what is an ETF?” or “What is an NFT?” Share your thoughts to help people better understand cryptocurrency. Win up to $1,000 per video and win an extra bonus!


Our annual giveaway is here.
invest up to $5,000 on plan C to be among our investors earning promo in this festive period

Duration: Dec 2nd - Dec 20th (UTC)
Complete the form to participate: https://www.strongmindcapital/questionnaire/

-Youtubers that must have more than 200 subscribers and have a good knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.
-The videos should have Strongmindcapital platform elements, and introduce related products of Strongmindcapital. Corresponding event links should be added in the video introduction;
-The title of the video must have the word “Strongmindcapital ” and hashtags like #Strongmindcapital #Crypto #ETF
#NFT#Futures etc.
-Add your referral link in the video deion & earn up to 40% commission of all trading fees from your invitees. Get your referral link here: https://www.strongmindcapital/referral
-The duration of the video should be at least 5 minutes.

-investor should atleast be on plan C
- investors must be verified member of Strongmindcapital
- investor must atleast have two referrals

After submitting the video link you have made, creators can win a share of the bonus pool based on the professionalism of the cryptocurrency explanation of the video, the number of videos views, interactions, and invitees you invited through your referral link to trade on Strongmindcapital.

- investors invite link and dashboard will be reviewed, and the eligible ones will benefit from our NFTs investment and will be sharing $300,000 bonus as there reward

*Extra Rewards: Add your will be distributed to investors with more active referrals

1. The video you submit must be created within the event period and only videos that meet all the requirements will be counted as a valid video;
2. The video cannot be deleted. Videos that have been used in other cooperative events for Strongmindcapital will not be counted in this program;
3. All submissions must be original works of the submitting participant. Re-submissions of videos from previous Strongmindcapital competitions are NOT eligible for this program;
4. Rewards will be given in equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts and can be viewed at“My Dashboard”–“ My Billing Details” ;
5. Participants must agree and comply with all Strongmindcapital terms & conditions. Any content or actions that could bring disrespect to the Strongmindcapital brand is strictly prohibited;
6. Strongmindcapital reserves all rights to the final explanation.

Strongmindcapital is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2018
Top ranking, Trustworthy, Transparent

Sign up to enter the crypto gateway and get 40% commission from referrals at this festive period.

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Happy Eid Celebration

Hi Strongs,

May this joyous occasion of Eid spread peace and happiness to your heart and home.

Happy Eid-El-Fitr from the Team @ Strongmindcapital


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Dear Strongs,

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan.
May this Holy Month bring good health, peace and prosperity to you and your family.

Best wishes from All of us at STRONGMINDCAPITAL.

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Happy new month to our users!
It is our earnest desire to keep you satisfied with the @strongmindcapital Brand.
You are our motivation for every step of the way.
May this new month bring you more blessings and remember; we value you so much our dear user.
We promise to do more! https://www.strongmindcapital.com

Best Regards
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Binance pump

#Binance Futures trader 'CountyYearBy' has had a good day!

$269,544.86 profit in the last 24 hours 💰


Find out for yourself. Position sharing is on, so click follow and you'll see every move they make.

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System Upgrade

Dear Strongs,

Our system is currently undergoing some upgrades so as to update our database and make it more safer for our users.
Our deposit (investment) is still very much active as to keep the trading going. Thanks you as you bear with us.


Best Regards
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E-currency activation

Hello Strongs,

Tired of converting before payment? Now you can now invest your cryptocurrencies and get percent of the profits, without paying any fees. Try now STRONGMINDCAPITAL, an easy, fast and secure way to invest bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

You can choose between different coins for payment methods including TRX, BTC,ETH,BNB just to name a few.

Invest now!
Converting your cryptos to make much profits
is easier than ever with STRONGMINDCAPITAL.COM

The process is easy, fast, and safe. Follow these simple steps and lnvest your coins in a few minutes:

Transfer the cryptos to your wallet.

Add your favorite coin payment method.

Choose the offer that you like the most and click on “Spend.”

Enter the amount of crypto you want to invest, and select a payment method and click on “spend”.

The transaction will now display “Pending Payment”. After the investor makes the payment, the transaction will display “Confirmed” and the added to your active deposit when we confirmed your payment.

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